Saturday, July 27, 2013

A day at Little South America

I am still behind on posting pics from my mom's visit. Some of these I posted on facebook so some of yall may have already seen them :) We had some beautiful weather during my mom's trip and we took full advantage of it. We headed out and enjoyed the beach at Little South America one afternoon.
It was a beautiful clear and sunny day.

 It's so nice when my mom is here because I actually get pics of me taken! LOL
 Isn't it pretty? This is what I live for. It fills my soul with joy and peace. These brief summer months lift my spirit and make my heart sing. I truly live in a majestic place.

 Sigh! Lupine and snow still on the mountains. One of my favorite sights.
 With no trees, the eagles get inventive.
 My two favorite ladies!


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MastHoliday said...

Great tour with fantastic photographs.
Nice post.