Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Being Geologists....and flower picking fun

Monday A and I woke up both with a little case of the sniffles. Nothing to bad, just a scratchy throat and such, definitely not enough to slow us down. (Unlike this today where we both were mowed down by a nasty summer cold and spent to day snuggling on the couch watching Tom and Jerry and in bed reading.) Luckily we had a lot of fun Monday, and will hopefully be back to our normal selves tomorrow.

We started off the day being geologists and excavating crystals. (I picked up this set while I was in Louisiana this spring, and A had so much fun)

The kit didn't include safty glasses, but after the dust irritated A's eyes a few times, she ran into the school room and grabbed a pair from one of her other science kits.
I didn't snap any pics of the crystals she mined, but there were 12 total. She's been carting them everywhere with her in a little leather pouch....including into the tundra to pic flowers with friends, which is where we headed later that afternoon.

For now I am off to bed, hoping my ear and nose will unstop enough to let me sleep.

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Tammy said...

And waaaay over here at the other corner of the country, we're sick with the crud, too.

Cold for me, strep for Drake, even my mom has a touch of it. Only Tony/husband has avoided the yuk.

Hope you feel better soon!
Send me some of those gorgeous flowers!