Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy birthday DH!

Today was Dh's birthday. We celebrated early though since he is in Anchorage this week. Saturday after our amazing day on the water, we headed home and A and I went to work on his cake. A waffled for a while between a halibut and a duck for his theme, but finally decided on "a duck, the kind with the green head." So Mallard it was. It took a while, but how blessed am I to get to see this out my kitchen window as I worked.

Why hello there bald eagle buddy. 

And the finished product, not bad for rushing through it since it was already 7pm by the time I started decorating it. LOL

Dad was very surprised. He loved the duck theme and knowing A decided on it made it even more special.

And what better present to go with a duck cake, then a book on the birds of Alaska. Dh has been wanting this for quite some time.

Happy birthday to the most amazing husband and father. I am so blessed to be your wife. Everyday my heart sings for joy as I watch you and A together. Knowing she has the type of father I never did fills me with happiness.

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