Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I have been thinking.....

A lot about what has worked this year with homeschooling and what hasn't....And I have come to the conclusion that we have done much better, and she has enjoyed more, the Montessori activities. So this next year we will be going more Montessori. Not pure, still our unique eclectic mix, but definitely leaning more heavily that directions....ditching most of the worksheets and workbooks, just keeping a few I can bring out when she asks.

Anyway, I have a lot to prepare....we aren't really taking a break for summer, but we will be slowing down, so this will give me time to get everything together.

Just some thoughts :)


Joyful Learner said...

I started off doing Montessori but have strayed from it as it was easier for me to do play-based learning. But I hope to return to more Montessori activities because they have such wonderful ideas! We'll be doing the Montessori birthday walk that a blogger friend introduced me to. There's still so much I have yet to learn about the Montessori way.

Kim said...

I hope you find the perfect balance. Keep us updated. :-)